MemoDOC Android

Mobile Apps for Medical Professionals


Writing your medical note and your treatment.

A drugs list contains more than 6000 references.


You need an SD card to run this application.

At first opening, the application create and initialize a database with "DIARRHEA".

The resulted database file is sdcard/MDOC

The treatment is shown when clicking on "DIARREA".


Use Back key to come back to first display.


Command FIND, to search sub-tring.

Example: Type CO, the result will be COUGH, COLD,...

Tips: To display all, clear the Text field then click FIND.


You now open the menu by pressing Menu key. This will display all commands or controls of database.





You want to add one more items, just click Add.



Enter Bame-Disease-symptom and Note, click Next




Either select the drug by clicking, or use Find button to select ypu reference.



At this step, either you discard (by clicking on Rec cross icon) or record this by clicking on Floppy disk icon for saving.



You want to modify the record "TEST", just open menu and click on Edit.



and click on TEST

You want to delete drug


or you want to add the 2nd drug



then click on icon Save or Discard.


The application has more than 6000 drugs references.

Select Menu then Drugs list.



To export your database, select Menu then Export.




For File Maganer, you can download from Market the application AndExplorer or Astro File Manager.


There are 4 files can be created by application in the directory /sdcard

MDOC : the database used by application

MDOC-EX : the database extracted by command Export

MDOC-IM : the renamed database to be used by command Import

MDOC-SAV : the backup file when used command New Database

this filed can be renamed MDOC if you made mistake.

Backup database:

Use Menu, Export, Select All, Export. The database will be copy to file MDOC-EX.

Rename it to MDOC-APRIL (example) and move it to your computer.

If you want to re-use, just rename into MDOC and put it into /sdcard




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